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Các mô-đun dự phòng làm tăng độ tin cậy hoạt động của hệ thống – phù hợp với ứng dụng của bạn.

Product Description

Redundancy modules

Redundancy modules

Decoupling, monitoring, and control

Redundancy modules increase the operational reliability of systems – tailored to your application.

Redundant power supply solutions are necessary in applications with the highest demands on operational reliability. They ensure that the failure of one power supply unit does not result in system downtime.

A redundant system is the result of the parallel connection of two power supply units that are decoupled from one another. This decoupling via an active redundancy module or a simple diode ensures the high availability and productivity of your system.

Your advantages

  • Corresponding functionality and design, tailored to power supplies from Phoenix Contact
  • Consistent redundancy up to the load, thanks to two positive output terminal blocks per module
  • Service life is doubled – ORING modules with ACB technology ensure symmetrical loading
  • Save 70% energy: ORING modules decouple with MOSFETs instead of diodes

QUINT S-ORING active redundancy module – decoupling and monitoring

Decoupling and monitoring with QUINT S-ORING 

Decoupling and monitoring with QUINT S-ORING

QUINT S-ORING is an active, single-channel redundancy module for the separate structuring of a redundant system. In combination with the new QUINT POWER power supplies, your system is monitored continuously.

QUINT ORING active redundancy module – decoupling, monitoring, and controlling

Decoupling, monitoring, and controlling with an active redundancy module 

Decoupling, monitoring, and controlling with QUINT ORING

The QUINT ORING active redundancy modules monitor the entire redundant solution, i.e. the power supply unit voltages, the wiring, decoupling, and the load current. Critical operating states can therefore be detected at an early stage, and redundancy can be restored.

Decoupling with diode

Decoupling with diode 

Decoupling with the QUINT, TRIO, UNO or STEP diode

If the power supplies are decoupled, a short circuit at the output of one of the power supply units or in the supply line from the power supply unit to the diode no longer has any effect on the load.

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