Kiểm Tra Ngắt Kết Nối Cầu Đấu

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Khối thiết bị đầu cuối nhỏ gọn để dễ dàng thiết kế bộ đo biến dòng và biến điện áp theo yêu cầu của riêng bạn.

Product Description

Save time and money with test disconnect terminal blocks from Phoenix Contact. Comprehensive accessories such as bridge bars or plug-in bridges, switching locks, test adapters, and cover profiles provide additional technical advantages.

Your advantages

  • Easy and safe operation with clear marking of the switching states
  • Maximum functionality – up to six universal function shafts for potential distribution or test purposes
  • Modular expansion with feed-through and ground terminal blocks of the same shape
  • Modular design of transformer circuits with plug-in test disconnect terminal blocks
  • Reliable protection of connected current transformers with connector versions with an integrated, leading short-circuit contact

Easy testing

Insulated test setup 

Insulated test setup

Test-disconnect terminal blocks offer a high degree of convenience for all the necessary test circuits in secondary current transformer circuits. The Push-in transducer terminal blocks are available with the classic Push-in and lateral Push-in connection. You only need two terminal blocks for a simple current transformer test circuit.

This means that you can save space in the control cabinet.

Test-disconnect terminal blocks

Hybrid test disconnect terminal blocks 

Hybrid test disconnect terminal blocks